Our Design and Build Process

Our clients are treated as family. Creating an amazing, durable, and affordable relaxation space for our clients is our priority. We engage with each client to learn of their aspirations for each project. We also work closely with our clients to arrive at the most affordable cost that will suit their budget, then we go to work, and ensure each project is delivered in a timely manner.

Materials and Accessories

In order to deliver elegant and durable work all the time, U2C Contracting goes to every length to source, select, and use only the best quality of materials available for all our projects. Every client, every project, deserve their money’s worth.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is a key objective for U2C Contracting. We don’t leave until you love it! Every step of the way.


U2C Contracting understands that every client deserves value for their money! We work with each client to appreciate their budget, and we do our very best to offer a reasonable price for our work.


About U2C Contracting

Since 2014, U2C Contracting has been helping our clients in Calgary and surrounding cities, design, and build the outdoor space of their dreams.

Our commitment to quality work, timely delivery of projects, working with clients so they stay within budget, and unparalleled customer relation has endeared us to all our clients.

We appreciate the fact that each client is unique in their taste and flair. We build to satisfy every dream.

Let us turn your backyard space into your dream leisure spot!

What we build



At U2C Contracting, we design and build custom decks tailored to meet the need of each client. Whether you are building a simple or a more sophisticated deck, we use a simple common-sense process to build you a fine custom deck. We use the highest quality materials and accessories to bring your vision to life, no matter what that vision might be.

Our business is built on customer satisfaction, one deck at a time.



No matter the size or shape of your backyard, a well designed, and built fence can increase your property value, provide safety and security for your children or pets, and can elevate the look of your home and also by providing a private gathering area for your friends and family to enjoy.

We build wood and vinyl fences of all sizes, shapes, and designs.

 Horizontal wood fencing, Fortress fences, and Custom wood fencing.

kubota machine

Posts and Piles Setting

We can help you dig and set your post and pile. We can also dig just the holes and let you take care of the rest. Or if you prefer let us take care of the digging and set up of your post and deck piles. We can dig up to 6 ft. in-depth, our auger sizes are 6 Inches, 9 Inches, and 12 Inches.

With our slim and sleek 35 Inches wide Kubota K008 machine, we can get through most fence gates to your backyard to work.



Outdoor living is becoming more and more popular, adding a Pergola increases the enjoyment and comfort of your outdoor living space, whether it is situated over your deck, patio, or porch.

A pergola is a perfect way to add character to an exterior space while serving a functional purpose.

Let U2C design and build your pergolas.


Our clients say

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. For our post holes service we do same day service. However, it is on first-call-first-served basis.

Yes, we can drill just your post holes. We can also
set and pour your post holes, deck piles, etc. for additional fee.

We do also do the above, and build the fence and deck all together.

We charge $200 for the first 1 to 10 holes. After the 10 th hole, the rest is $15 per hole. We ask for extra fee when the grounds are very rocky.

We may negotiate a package price for holes of over 30.

Each fence job if different. We charge, depending
on the length of the fence, the slopes of the grounds involved, fence design, and type of fence hardware required by the customer.

U2C Contracting has the Kubota KS008 sleek
machine. The machine is designed to get through fence gates to work in backyards, unlike other popular drilling machines. The machine with is 36 inches, easy to get through most fence gates.

Our auger bits drill a standard 3 feet deep. We do have an extension bit that can drill up to 6 feet deep.

We have auger bit in 6, 9, and 12 inch sizes.

We build wood, vinyl, and metal fences.

We build wood, and composite deck.

We offer our customers flexible payment options. We accept cash, cheque, e-transfers.

Please talk to us about how you wish to pay. And we do provide invoices for every payment, if requested.